Statistics An application suite developed by ICCC

An application suite developed by ICCC for collecting, processing and presentation of statistics.

Data is collected on the fly and accumulated on timely base with configured periods from 5 minutes – daily. Normally the period is set to ½ hour.

One module is monitoring real time activity.

Reports can be selected to show data specific for different groups, contact types or agents; showing statistics counted over several periods, in detail or accumulated.

Here is an example of a report looking at contact and session types handled by a given agent group over a given period, with details on sessions gathered for the Group per day. The details are divided by contact types and showing the daily amount of calls handled by each agent, split up on session types such as Demand, Service, Delay, Recall.

It is also possible to see the handled calls counted as incoming and/or outgoing contacts,the inquiries made by the agent on a contact, the average time it took to handle this type of contact and the average time the agents used after a released contact, before freeing the session or establishing a new contact.


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